Materialize Pagination

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Materialize Pagination

Materialize Pagination is a jQuery plugin that provides behaviour and rendering of the Materialize Pagination component.

Getting started

To get the Materialize Paginaton plugin working you first need to include jQuery, Materlize.css and Materlize icons.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" >

<script src=""></script>
<script src="materialize-pagination.min.js"></script>

Next invoke the function on your pagination container

    align: 'left',
    lastPage:  10,
    firstPage:  1,
    urlParameter: 'page',
    useUrlParameter: true,
    onClickCallback: function(requestedPage){
        console.log('Requested page is '+ requestedPage);
Available options
Attribute Type Default Description
align string 'center' Pagination alignment within its parent container. Possible options: center, left and right
lastPage int 1 Int value of last page
firstPage int 1 Int value of first page
urlParameter string 'page' The url parameter that indicates which page is currently open e.g. /?page=2
useUrlParameter boolean true If option is set to false, page navigation will not change the url and the correspondigly the urlParameter is ignored
onClickCallback function {} Optional user defined function that is invoked every time a new page is requested i.e clicked. It recives the requestedParameter containing the requested page number